This guy had to pay a lot more for his massage then at other massage parlours. No place else could offer the same thing though! Getting massaged by the busty Peta Jensen in a skimpy outfit was worth a lot of money by itself but when you throw in a handjob, blowjob and fucking into the mix you can see why so many were willing to pay a high price.


She stripped off his shorts and noticed his big fat cock right away. She couldn't wait to taste it but for now she asked him to lay down on the massage bench. She rubbed his chest for a while before she started to jerk him off. Then a blowjob followed before she asked him to lay face down with his cock through a hole.


Right now he was willing to follow whatever order she gave him even how crazy it seemed so he did it. It turned out very good though cause she got under there and kept on sucking and tugging him. After a while she re-appeared by his side and he finally got to drill her in missionary position.


Watch the video from this scene here!


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